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Participating, leading and guiding in multiple teams globally, on multiple locations @suppliers and in-house as a co-realiser of Industrialisation. Management experience for complex integrated products and for regulated medical consumer products. Mastering stakeholder and market demands governing capital Investments and agreements. Cooperated >20 countries. Lead-auditor for Supply base.

Key strengths include process improvement with focus on time to market, strong analytical and intercultural skills. Setup a factory with a local team inluding (partly) local source base to run on target for years by local professionals. Realtime reporting organized of key parameters.

My natural fit roles according to team members, coworkers other companies:
Enterprising: Competitive, persuasive, energetic, works well outside-the-box
Realistic: Likes to get things done, practical, stable, results-oriented.
Investigative: Prefers strategy, thinking, organizing, analytical, curious.

My Most Well-Known Traits according to others:

1. Builds trust & credibility
2. Focuses on customer success 
3. Communicates very clearly 
4. Admits mistakes 
5. Bold, decisive 

Personal Global Qualities:

- Multicultural mindset

- Customer oriented

- Proactive attitude

- Lean thinking approach

- Analytical skills

- "Out-of-the-box" thinker

- Decision maker

- Communicator
- Participative team leader

- Committed to learn

- Self-motivated and results oriented
- Relation builder
- Cost driven
Personality: Open, easy to reach personality, not to formal but can be formal. Can boost self confidence level of a local factory and people while controlling the risk level
Specialties: Startup / factory transfers anywhere. experience also in China, Malaysia Eastern Europe. Optimize Design for benchmarking sourcing in Asia, Eastern Europe. Startup or transfer manufacturing and sourcing to other cultures.

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